Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Forex Strategies for Base Building Phase 04/22/09

There are four phases in a full price cycle: base building, the advance, top building, and the decline. Different phases in a forex cycle require different forex strategies. Recent price action of British pound is a textbook example for trading during base building phase.

Monday (4/20/09) was the third down day for British pound, also a WS7 (wide spread 7) day. For swing traders, it's the time to collect their pips. For day traders, it would be unwise to chase any breakdown signal to naively believe they are following the trend. It's equally unwise to fade the trend too soon.

On Tuesday (4/21/09), there are two big bearish candles(see hourly candlestick chart) which took Monday's low. Impatient bulls were threaten to close their long positions, either by stop hitting or out of scare the trend will continue. To add salt to the wound, both breakdowns were fake. In that case, reckless bears got burned too. It is proved that chasing a breakdown after the third down day (WS7) is not a rewarding strategy.

After the second fake breakdown, pound made a rally, the dip from the rally made a higher low, which offered a nice spot for long entry.

On Wednesday (4/22/09), in light of Annual Budget Release, pound was hammered down 262 pips in two hours, and took Tuesday's low. The same scenario happened again - bold bears and bulls got burned dearly.

To summarize the forex strategies for base building phase,

1. chasing a sudden breakdown signal is not a high probability strategy

2. bottom guessing usually got burned during base building

3. Better wait for market out of base to make any commitment


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